Daily Prompt:The Twilight Zone | Down the Rabbit Hole

Ever have an experience that felt surreal, as though you’d been suddenly transported into the twilight zone, where time seemed to warp, perhaps slowing down or speeding up? Tell us all about it. If you haven’t had an experience in real life that you can draw from, write a fictional account of a surreal experience.

Oddly enough, the time that this happened to me was when I arrived in London. Sitting on the plane, watching the clouds roll below us, as British countryside came into view it felt just as if I was arriving back into Virginia, that somehow our plane had taken a wrong turn over the Atlantic and it all had been a dream. 

It wasn’t until I caught my first glimpse of true London skyline, Parliament, Big Ben, Union Jacks flying in the wind, that something struck me, deep and unseen. I lost all track of where and who I was, what I was doing, and where I should be going. In that moment I had achieved my greatest dream. I had always only wanted to travel to London, to set my feet upon British soil once again. (I traveled to Northern Ireland in 2005). 

As I stood in front of Buckingham, going off of about four hours of sleep and a long-winded tour guide, I felt as if perhaps I were Alice and I had followed the White Rabbit down, down the rabbit hole into my own personal Wonderland. 

Of course, there are other, more personal times where I have felt as if the world has stopped turning and time stood still, my lungs unable to fill with air, my eyes unable to tear away from the person across from me. But that, my friends, is for another day.

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Daily Prompt: Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star | Reality

I’ve been singing in front of people since I was about three years old. I would put on performances, change lyrics to songs and sing them my own way. I always loved performing, still do. While my friends wanted to be vets, doctors, lawyers, and one air conditioner, I wanted to b a singer. I’d imagine myself standing on stage, singing my little heart out, fans singing and dancing along. I imagined moving people with my music, someone telling my that a song saved their life, much like my own story when I became a teenager. I still haven’t gotten the chance to thank Darren Criss for that.

Where am I now? A college student that is a super, super senior, no degree to her name because I couldn’t settle on something. But then an amazing thing happened.

I went in for an audition with a talent group called Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ. I made it in, went through their program and just recently finished in their industry showcase called SHINE. While there, I received a talent-based scholarship to the New York Film Academy.

I’m a Musical Theatre & Film/TV Conservatory student about to move to New York.

So yeah, my dreams are starting to become reality. I have the drive, I’m honing my craft. So watch out, I might just be on your TV one day.Image

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Daily Prompt: Anachronism | The Black Sheep

For me, feeling out of place is nothing new. For years I have been the black sheep of the family. I’ve taken too long getting my degree, I read too much, talk too little. And now, now I’m moving to New York to pursue my love for acting.

So when this year’s family reunion rolled around, I was settling into a sense of dread. Already I had been told I was stupid for pursuing this field of work, that I was too overweight to take dance classes, all from relatives that barely know who I am anymore.

To say I felt out of place in a building filled with people that shared the same genetics with me is an understatement. I wore a yellow dress and sat with my young cousins that were about the only people that I could stand. I Skyped on my phone with friends from other states and countries that understood who I was better than any of the people around me.

In my family, I am an anachronism.

Daily Prompt: Back to the Future